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Engineering case

While focusing on practice and exploration, we constantly strive for product innovation and service innovation, and are committed to providing first-class products and services for customers at home and abroad

Company advantages

The company has a production plant of 15,000 square meters, 2,000 square meters on the second floor of the modern scientific research office building, and more than 180 employees, among which more than 20% of the total number of professional technical personnel with senior titles in management, engineering technology, quality inspection and other fields

A full set of advanced professional design software, a full set of advanced production and processing lines and supporting equipment, for many years in the construction machinery excavator accessories, network frame accessories, one of the four construction machinery bases in China, the hometown of the network frame, xuzhou ranked among the five strong in the industry.

With complete quality testing instruments and high-quality professional quality analysts and testing personnel, scientific monitoring of the whole process of production and construction, to ensure the quality of products to reach the first class


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